Frequently Asked Questions

How do I login/register?

Enter any password longer than 3 characters to register. Then retype that password to confirm. If nothing has happened, your account is taken, try adding some numbers to the end of your username or just changing it.

What do I do in the lobby server?

Don't just sit there, press a statue, memorize the IP and port it tells you to add, exit the server, add a new server, type in the new ip, and join that new server.

I have been killed! What do I do?

Kill them back and you'll earn gold and xp.

How do I vote?

Visit and enter your in-game name and solve the captcha. Afterwards join the server for some neat rewards.

How do I donate?

Check out our shop! Not only can you help fund the server, but you can acquire awesome in-game content/perks while doing so.

If you still have questions feel free to email